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OUR PROPRIETARY PAQTECH® ECO-FRESH TECHNOLOGY occurs in PaqSule® as it would in nature. It’s a chemical-free process that utilizes UV light and Oxygen to deodorize and sanitize the bag and it’s contents.


When bacteria is present, it gets trapped inside the bag.

By activating the PaqTech® Eco-Fresh System with a push of a button, it converts existing oxygen (O2) into O3, also known as activated oxygen. The O3 fills the bag, attacking bacteria and killing it on contact.

UV light acts as an additional layer sterilizing against viruses and pathogens.

Once the eco-fresh cycle is complete, the O3 then converts back to oxygen, leaving your bag and it’s contents smelling fresh.

Our PaqSule® app available for iOS (Android coming soon) controls the bag’s technology and alerts you when the eco-fresh cycle is complete.

PaqTech® has a rechargeable battery with 72 hours of cleaning life or two charging station power ups depending on the device.


PaqSule® is about more than just keeping the inside of the bag fresh; we also created a fresh design with over 20 premium features and components.

The bag has reinforced foam walls and a lined interior for protection and durability. It’s made with a highly durable water resistant fabric, water resistant zippers, aluminum hardware, and reinforced bartack stitching throughout.



For general, business or customer support needs, please email info@paqsule.com