No more grimy, smelly gym bags

PaqSule® is powered with the PAQTech® Eco-Fresh technology that removes odors at the push of a button inside your bag. Holiday Sale $199.99. Limited time only.


The ultimate gym bag that tackles odor on-the-go

Freshen, deodorize and sanitize the contents with PAQTech® anytime, anywhere. Holiday Sale $199.99. Limited time only.

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Adaptive technology for odor disruption now lives inside PaqSule®.

PaqTech® Fresh Cycle is a revolutionary system that deodorizes, sanitizes and disinfects the contents of your gym bag.

PaqTech® Fresh Cycle Unit - Additional Battery
  • Fresh Cycle

    With the simple push of a button PaqSule® activates the Fresh Cycle to keep the bag and your things inside it fresh.

  • Oxygen and Light

    PaqTech® harnesses the power of Mother Nature by using oxygen and light to naturally deodorize and sanitize your gear. 

  • Portable Power

    PaqTech® generates enough power to run several Fresh Cycles. It is also equipped with a power bank feature that charges your mobile devices. 

  • Adjust Cycles

    Choose between 15, 25 or 35-minute long Fresh Cycles, depending on the level of odor in your PaqSule® bag. 

Step 1: Add Items

Place the items you would like to deodorize and disinfect inside your PaqSule® bag. 

Step 2: Start Fresh Cycle

Start the PaqTech® Fresh Cycle by lifting the rubber triangle flap.  Press the button once for 15 minutes, twice for 25 minutes, or three times for a 35-minute cycle. 

Step 3: Remove Fresh Items

Once the Fresh Cycle is finished your items will be fresh and odor-free. 

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PaqSule® Lite
  • No more stinky clothes

    Constantly doing laundry from the gym? Throw your smelly clothes in the PaqSule® bag and remove odors within minutes.

  • Smartphone app enabled

    The PaqSule® app syncs via Bluetooth to run your chosen Fresh Cycle to get clothes and shoes sanitized and odor-free.

  • Stay charged up

    Battery running low from a busy day? Plug your mobile device into the PaqSule® bag and fill it with juice while you workout.

  • Premium quality materials

    PaqSule® bags are made with the best materials to ensure long-lasting use. A 2-year warranty on the revolutionary PaqTech® Fresh Cycle unit is also included.