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Remove odors from your gear at the push of a button, inside your bag

how it works

Remove tough odor from your gear inside your duffel bag

Now you can deodorize your shoes, straps and workout gear using our patented PAQTech® Eco-Tech fresh system.  You live an active lifestyle - carrying odors to your office, car and home is a thing of the past. Using Activated Oxygen and UV LED lights, our patented technology freshens your gear while inside your PAQSule duffel bag.  All at the simple push of a button.

Smart-tech features combine power and convenience

  • Mobile USB re-charging

    All of our products come equipped with internal power bank features - you can now recharge your mobile phones up on-the-go by plugging them into the bag units.

  • Bluetooth-enabled

    App connectivity via bluetooth allows you full control of your PAQTech® Fresh-Tec system, all from your mobile phone.

  • Powerful UV sanitization

    All bags come equipped with custom UV lights in the interior, reducing bacteria, fungus and mold spores living inside sweaty gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activated Oxygen?

Activated oxygen (Ozone) is a three atom oxygen molecule. This three atom molecule is a colorless gas with powerful oxidizing properties, formed from oxygen by electrical discharges or ultraviolet light.  Our technology uses Ozone generation to sanitize contents inside of bags, addressing mold, fungus and bacteria at the microbial level.  This powerful purifier works to remove odor from your gear at the source.

How does the UV light work for purifying my gear?

The UVC and much of the UVB spectrums of light are primarily used for germicidal and sterilization purposes. Light produced at these wavelengths neutralize micro‐organisms by disrupting their DNA and preventing them from growth and reproduction.   Our UV LEDs are made to protect clothing from odor-causing bacteria, in addition to destroying other undesirable germs that can survive in your washer and dryer. It even sanitizes shoes as well without causing damage to your gear using our revolutionary germicidal UV technology.

How long does the PAQTech device last, and how much power does it hold on a single charge?

All PAQTech® devices come equipped with rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that power the Fresh-Tec cycles.  An individual charge provides up to 72 hours of idle use on our standard devices.  The life cycle of our devices average 17,000 cycles.